About CalRTA Los Angeles Division 12

Division 12 is located within the Los Angeles Unified School District and is part of CalRTA Area VII.
This school district was founded in 1853 and is the second largest in the nation.  Most of our CalRTA members are retired teachers who taught students in grades K-12 from over 1100 schools throughout the Southern California area.

Our core purpose is to  enhance and protect the benefits of retired educators.
Our major objectives are  to study and promote or oppose state and national legislation affecting the interests of retired educators and to safeguard the California State Teachers’ Retirement System.


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President: Mary McGee
1st V.P: Jacqueline Snead
2nd V. P: Danellen Joseph
Secretary: Colleen Clough
Treasurer: Lillie Tobin-Jackson
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Become A Member

If  you live within a 1/2 hour drive of the Taix Restaurant (zip: 90026) you should Contact us and join our Division!  Mail your application to:
CalRTA Division 12/LA
P.O.Box 90482
Los Angeles CA  90009


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